Frequent questions

What activities do we offer?

Our main activity is jetSki rental in Mallorca.
– Option 1: Guided routes in JetSki for small groups accompanied by our monitors.
– Option 2: JetSki rental service (without monitor) for people with approved qualifications.

Where are we?

We currently have two bases in Mallorca:
- Puerto Portals (New Portals)
– Club Nautico de Arenal
Porto Petro

What tours do we do?

– In the Portals circuit, the start and finish will be at Pier No. 7 in Puerto Portals.
– In the Arenal circuit, the start and finish will be at Club Nautic de Arenal.
In the web sections of our ports, you can see the routes we offer in each of them.
Attention: The routes may vary depending on the weather situation.

Are there stops to rest?

All our tours have a small stop for bathing, taking pictures and enjoying the landscape.
We also make small stops to check the status of the group.

How much does the activity cost?

Our tours have a duration of 1 hour. The cost for the JetSki is €124 and an additional €49 if you go with a companion.

If there are two people, can we change the driver?

Yes, as long as the driver changes at the stops established by the monitors.

Do you organize private/special tours?

Special routes can be arranged on request in advance. Like birthdays, bachelor parties, company incentives...
For more information call us, send us a whatsapp or send an email to info@chillijetski.com

How and when do I make the reservation?

All our reservations must be made from our official website:www.chillijetski.com.
Or, through one of our accredited agencies

Due to the high volume of work in high season, we recommend making a reservation 72 hours in advance.

What is included in the price?

– 1-hour tour to enjoy the Bay of Palma at full throttle
– Photographs taken with the latest generation iPhone
– Initial explanation of 10 minutes with our monitors
– Monitor with regulated degree
- Gasoline
- Lifejacket
– Neoprene (if needed)

What JetSki models do you have?

Both ports are equipped with the latest models of the Sea Doo brandGTI 90/130. Offering stability and safety for drivers and passengers.

Will I get wet during the activity?

Inevitably or Fortunately… If you get wet on the JetSki, although as a general rule, getting wet is not a problem in high season, the ambient temperature can reach 35ΒΊC and 24ΒΊC in the water.

For this reason, if you need it, we will provide you with a Wetsuit so that you can carry out the activity without getting wet. (Generally, wetsuits are used in the months between November and the end of April).

What do we have to take?

It is necessary to bring swimwear, sun protection (previously put on), a towel, and a great desire to enjoy.

Can you take dependencies or mobiles on board?

Yes, all our JetSkis have two waterproof compartments, one near the handlebar where you can store your smallest objects such as cameras and mobile phones. The other is in the front where you can store larger items, such as bags and towels.

Although we recommend opening these compartments, solely and exclusively, at the established stops.
We are not responsible for poor management of personal belongings during the excursion.

If you want photos, you only have to ask any of our monitors, and they will be happy to help you.

Can children, pregnant women, elderly people go?

Children under 5 years of age will not be able to use our tours. The driving of any of our JetSkis will not be allowed to minors under 16 years of age (according to current legal regulations)

We do not recommend the use of a JetSki to pregnant women.

There is no age limit, as long as they have the physical and motor skills to be able to drive a JetSki. (Good eyesight, knowing how to swim…)

What if the weather is bad?

It will be our monitors and experienced people who will decide, for your safety, if the conditions are optimal or suitable for navigation.

In case of not having safe weather conditions, our team and reservation service will notify you as soon as possible to either modify the route or day of your reservation, or in case of not having the possibility of modifying date, return 100% of the money as long as there is a justified reason.